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We at 248 are a bit unconventional,
but we work hard and love what we do! Whether it's our marketing/graphic design services or our custom-designed products, we take pride in providing you with the best products and service possible.
Let me introduce you to the team...

Creative design team


My Picture.png

Kerrie Kounalis
Ring Leader


Director of Security



Head of Scheduling
(naps, breaks, meals)

Kerrie Kounalis

Ring Leader


Trish Grangroth
Craft Master


Tre Cool
Mischief Manager



Assistant to the
Director of Security

I come from a marketing background in architecture with 20+ years of experience at firms in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Atlanta, Georgia. I found graphic design to be my passion and the most enjoyable part of marketing. I approach design with a basic philosophy: keep it clean, simple, to the point, and most importantly... beautiful!

Collaborating with you will ensure your voice comes through loud and clear, resulting in a positive experience for you and an excellent final product! 

I have always been an animal lover and have always rescued or volunteered. Leaving my fur babies every day was the most challenging part of corporate work life for me. When I moved to Denver, I decided it was time to concentrate on what I love doing and who I love being around. 

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